Job readiness through real world experience

Youth Center members enrolled in 9th–12th grades have an opportunity to explore career options through specially-designed employment programs, apprenticeships and job-shadowing. Hundreds of teens participate in programs that compliment career interests as a prerequisite to earning money for their work in the field. Youth participate in career development workshops to sharpen writing skills, typing, ethics, teamwork and proper workplace behavior.¬†Community stakeholders and business leaders host career exploration days to provide members with real world experience. Youth who demonstrate promise in these programs often progress to internships offsite with partnering organizations or businesses.

Leaps and Bounds
The Leaps and Bounds 9th Grade program is designed for students transitioning into high school. Youth engage in interactive activities while learning essential skills necessary for high school success. These skills include: time-management, goal-setting, organization, decision-making, leadership development, public speaking, accountability and teamwork. Youth demonstrate their understanding of concepts through reflections, role play, group and individual projects. Additional activities include field trips, community service activities, guest speakers and presentations.

Green Teens
Green Teens is a stipend-based, green career exploration program for youth between the ages 14–18. Youth may enroll in cohorts in five focus areas: culinary, growers, environmental science, landscaping, and marketing. Green Teens also host the weekly summer Harvest Table, featuring fresh produce from the GCYC gardens, culinary tastings, demonstrations and eco-friendly information sessions. Teens maintain the Youth Center’s network of gardens and participate in culinary arts in the Youth Center’s full service kitchen.

The Art Apprenticeship
Participating 10th–12th grade members are responsible for employing mixed media to create visual arts projects. Teens produce artwork that is featured in a student-run art gallery.

The Business Lab
Participating 10th–12th grade members learn to implement the fundamentals of developmental programming through hands-on interactions with young people. Teens are responsible for creating and facilitating youth games and activities, team-building strategies, as well as assisting on field trips and in monitoring youth movement. They also learn to develop business plans in each related industry.

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